Grouting packers

Grouting packers

Grouting packers are designed for low-pressure and high-pressure groutings of special materials into the building constructions. Our company offers wide range of grouting packers devided into several categories by construction and material. We standardly produce grouting packers into boreholes of diameter 6-20 mm. For particular dimensions of packers, see table of„Standardly offered variations of packers“. It is possible to produce packer of various measures according to the customer´s request.


Assortment division of standard injection packers according to the construction and material:

OPK - steel packers kombi
OPD - steel packers double-casing
APD - aluminum packers double-casing
SPK - alloy packers kombi
INJECTOR - plastic injectors lamellar or conical

Each injection packer has its own specific name, which consists of designation of the packer according to the type of construction and material (OPK, OPD,…), diameter of sealing rubber, length of packer, end type (screw, nipple) and thread of the screw:


Behind this specific name, in brackets, there can be stated letter specification of variants of individual packers. See the Table of „Standardly offered variations of packers“.

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