SET-A IH 12/6 mm

SET-A IH 12/6 mm

Complete set for installation of grouting hose.

SET-A IH 12/6 mm is a complete set of all requirements needed for the installation of the injection hose into working and expansion joints in concrete structures. Injection system SET-A IH 12/6 mm is designed for repeatable and non-destructive repair of damp-proofing failures of construction works. Grouting can be, in compliance with the technological procedures, performed repeatedly. SET-A is designed to be installed on the inside of the boarding (please see picture below). The grouting can be, in compliance with technological procedure, performed repeatedly.

SET-A IH 12/6 mm is designed for instalation of the outlet inside of the boarding (please see pictures below):

or to the collecting box:


Combined injection hose KIH 12/6 is an injection hose,which has perforation in the length of 10 metres, on both hose ends there is a 0,5 m long section without perforation. The perforated section is secured by the help of clamps into the working or expansion joints in the place, where we will need the outflow of the grouting medium. The injection hose is secured with clamps every ca. 25 cm part of the hose serves as unperforated part of the hose serves as a traffic conductor to the packer VPIH M8, which is fixed by nails from the inside of the boarding. The length of unperforated hose is adjusted according to local conditions. Colour resolution of packers VPIH M8 serves for better orientation when installing the injection hose. 

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